Health is indeed our most precious possession! Often times we take it for granted, neglecting it unconsciously, only to realize that “we have to pay the price sooner or later”. I firmly believe that good health is much more than merely an absence of a disease.
Would you like to live to the fullest potential of your body and mind?

Using the fundamental, scientifically proven principles of nutrition and energy balance, I have created programs and strategies based on healthy lifestyle and wholefood choices that supply abundance of all essential nutrients, providing information and building blocks necessary to restore one’s natural physiological, metabolic and energy balance, in order to create a disease free body that exudes vitality and longevity.

Hi I'm Sashko

… nutritionist dedicated to helping individuals restore their health and take back the happiness and joy of living fulfilled, energized and pain free life.

My goal is to help people, to educate and guide them to improve their health and change their life for the better.  To challenge and motivate them to explore and discover their inner strength to produce steady changes in their health and wellbeing, to empower them to follow the path to a healthy life that they can achieve, sustain and enjoy 
at their best. (Read more…)


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