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My personal story

My personal story and path to becoming a nutritionist

Since I can remember, food has always played an important role in our family. We cherished each time the family got together for a meal. My parents taught me to appreciate the quality of the natural ingredients and the principle dietary values of different food groups, along with the skills and advantages of growing your own food. Still being a child I learned the importance of well-balanced, nutritionally rich meals for our growth and wellbeing.

In my late teenage years I discovered my interest and love for ballroom dancing, a hobby that soon grew to become my passion and stern engagement. Being a ballroom dance competitor for many years and three time national champion, I had the privilege to attend many lectures, to learn and follow the basics of the nutrition for professional athletes, which gave me the ability to upgrade my performance. Ever since that period of competitive ballroom dancing, I continued to read, research and expend my knowledge on food and nutrition, initially from books and later on by reading scientific research, attending webinars and following educational web pages on internet. Nutrition has become an interest and passion in my everyday life and today being a parent myself, I want to share and pass the love for food and healthy eating to my family, and particularly to my daughter from her earliest age, as well.

I have attended and received certificates for several online university courses on nutrition such as:

  • Certificate for completed a 5 week course “Food, Nutrition and Your health” from Open 2 Study, Open Universities Australia, 2014;
  • Certificate for completed a 7 module course  “Nutrition essentials” from Texas A&M Agri Life Extension, offered on Coursera, 2014;
  • Certificate for completed course “Nutrition for children” from Texas A&M Agri Life Extension, offered on Coursera 2014;
  • Certificate for completed 5 week course  “Nutrition and cooking for children” from University of Stanford USA, offered on Coursera 2014;
  • Certificate for passed completed course “Prevention of osteoporosis” from Texas A&M Agri Life Extension, offered on Coursera 2014;
  • Certificate for completed 5 week course “Autism Spectrum Disorder” authorized by University of California, UC Davis Institute and offered through Coursera, 2017.

Wanting to upgrade my knowledge even more and get those missing links of information, at the beginning of 2015 I decided to enroll in a two year university program to earn a Master’s degree in Nutrition (accredited studies on Nutrition, under the University of “St. Kliment Ohridski” from Bitola, Republic of Macedonia). An outstanding academic master’s program that combines courses on human anatomy and physiology, to bio-chemistry, human metabolism and chemistry of food ingredients and nutrients, through functional, new foods and food’s bioactive components, biotechnology, food processing and more. I’m happy to say that with my dedication and commitment I have completed all my university courses and exams with the highest grade.

In addition, during the period of attending the Master’s degree studies,  for  the past three years I have been continuously following many annual international conferences/summits on nutrition and health related subjects such as: The Diabetes Summit, Thyroid Connection Summit, Fibromyalgia Summit, Medicinal Supplements Summit, Keto Summit, Detox Summit, The Digestive Sessions, Heal Your Gut Summit, Autoimmune Revolution Summit, Healthy Heart Summit, Autism Summit, Autism Recovery Summit, Autism Hope Summit, Alzheimer Awakening Summit, The Truth About Cancer, Women’s Vitality Summit, Hormone Balance After 40, Immune Defense and other.

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