My philosophy

My philosophy

Since ancient times, long before modern science proved nature’s biology concepts and the bio-chemistry of the human body, our ancestors had had the knowledge and wisdom to use “food as medicine and medicine as food”, to heal and cure the human body and mind. Today, we know that from a physiological stand point every human body consists of integrated systems of organs that work in a delicate synergy, balance and support to sustain life and wellbeing. However, every individual is different, with different genetic background, personal health history and environment and lifestyle influences. Therefore, although we all need a well-balanced nutrition to cover the necessities of the human metabolism, everyone has specific dietary needs that address their personal health challenges and support their lifestyle choices.

Unfortunately, the mainstream medicine today focuses more on intervention instead of prevention; it is emphasizing the symptoms rather than focusing on the root cause of an illness! My goal is to help people, to educate and guide them to follow proven naturopathic strategies based on healthy wholefood choices that provide the energy, information and building blocks necessary to restore one’s natural physiological, and energy balance, in order to create a disease free body that exudes vitality and longevity. I want to challenge and motivate them to discover their inner strength to produce steady changes in their health and wellbeing, to empower them to follow the path to a healthy life that they can achieve, sustain and enjoy at their best. This could only be achieved by using the fundamental, scientifically proven principles of integrative medicine and nutrition, implemented in personalized diet plans and lifestyle changes that correspond with client’s individual health history and challenges.

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