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Cancer cleanse


torzoWith around 9 million cancer deaths per year, cancer ranks among the top reasons for death in all developed countries. Despite continual scientific research, development and testing of new drugs and conventional medicine treatments, the number of people diagnosed, treated and dying from cancer continues to be on a rise.

Science today has confirmed that less than 15 % of all cancer types have proven genetic background, leaving the largest part of all forms of cancer to be attributed to metabolic abnormalities, i.e. dysfunction in the cellular metabolism, energy production and failed immune response. Today’s hectic lifestyle filled with day to day stressors, increased number of pollutants of the air, water and above all the agricultural produce we consume, along with the modern the dietary habits of consuming too much refined sugar and starch, artificial ingredients and over processed foods constantly attacks our cells, disturbing our metabolism and creating toxic environment within our tissues that enable cancer to develop and thrive.

Have you or has anyone in your family been diagnosed with cancer,

or had a cancer surgery, or cancer treatment such as radiation or chemo therapy,


The lifestyle choices, and even more so the food choices we make can either help creating cancer in your body, or prevent and fight it! This program teaches you how to create a disease free body and functional immune system that resists cancer and prevents its reoccurrence. The Cancer Cleanse program first focuses on elimination of all environmental and dietary triggers and causes that increase the oxidative stress which damages the human body. In parallel it thoroughly clears out chemical toxins, regulates blood sugar and tissue pH imbalances, hydrates and oxygenates every cell as a necessity to restore optimal cellular metabolism. Finally, it provides all of the vital nutrients each and every cell needs for optimal cellular respiration and energy production, which creates rejuvenated healthy cells and cancer free tissue.

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